Basic First Responder Training

Basic First Responder Training Classes

These classes are designed to give your employees the confidence to respond to the victim of a medical emergency. Your employees will be shown what to do as a “First Person Responder” to help stabilize the victim, while waiting for the advanced help to arrive on the scene.

The following classes are taught at your location.


This class prepares your employees to handle the most frequent type of emergency situations. As a broad category, these include emergencies where the victim is still breathing on his own whether conscious or unconscious. These emergencies account for over 95% of all medical emergencies which may be experienced at your business. This course will cover the following areas and may be tailored to your specific needs. Duration: 2 Hours

  1. The IMPORTANCE of emergency oxygen for the breathing victim
  2. Use of the Med-Alert Oxygen System
  3. Understanding SHOCK and its’ effect on the victim
  4. Management of SHOCK
  5. Unconscious victim airway management
  6. Risk Factors leading to possible Heart Attack / Nutritional health building diet/lifestyle to help reduce your chances of Heart Attack and other serious illnesses
  7. Signs and symptoms of Heart Attack or Stroke
  8. Response procedures for Heart Attack
  9. or Stroke Victim
  10. Steps to stop serious bleeding
  11. CHOKING rescue procedures
  12. Treatment of Burn Victims
  13. Neck / Back Injury victim management
  14. Electrocution, poisoning, drowning and others
  15. Orderly response to a medical emergency
first responder-trainin


This class will teach your employees to provide CPR to a victim who is NOT breathing and may have no pulse. This class includes the lecture data from the RMO class as well as a film on CPR techniques and personalized mannequin practice.  Certificates of completion will be issued upon successfully passing a practical mannequin test and a written test.
Duration: 4 Hours / Attendance: up to 20 persons max.


This class is designed to cover the contents and usage of the MIC First Responder/First Aid Kit. Various contents of this kit are used in almost every rescue which may take place at your business. The kit contains a CPR micro-shield, two pair of vinyl gloves plus items for eye injuries, severe cuts and bleeding, swelling, burns and more. The components are color coded for easy recognition and unitized for individual use.

Overview Of Our Program

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